Hi, I'm Helena Walsh

I am an International Voice, Acting and Empowerment and Resiliency Coach; CEO and Founder of Helena Walsh Empowerment Studios; an Entrepreneur, Researcher; Organic Intelligence® Coach and Mentor on an international training called Neurosystemics™. 

I have always been curious. I spent my childhood asking question after question. I was drawn to acting because I have always been fascinated by the human condition, in particular its complexity and vulnerability. My mother, who was the most compassionate human being I have ever known, struggled with her mental health her whole life and was the person who instilled in me the belief that every human being has a story, and that we are here to listen to each other and be loved for our complexity. It was this complexity that drew me - its fierceness, gentleness, unpredictability, unconventional wisdom, and beauty. This ignited in me a lifelong quest to establish a sense of belonging and deeply rooted humanity in a disassociated world.  

I travelled to different corners of the world and worked with exceptional human beings who taught and coached me in the art of being human. Through this I found all the trust, ease, presence and enjoyment I needed to thrive in my life and career. It felt like training in a martial art, the aikido of being human. I explored the light, dark and shade of the creative process, experiencing a deeply sensual, pleasurable way of life.

Over several decades of daily practice in weaving together different disciplines I found the alchemy that led to profound freedom of expression and liberation of heart, soul and mind. Working deeply with complexity on my voice, body and imagination gave me a sense of empowerment and belonging. This daily practice anchored my creative force and rooted it in the here and now, which meant I could be of much greater service to humanity and truly liberate others. Out of this I co-created "The Actor's Practice" with my friend and colleague Benjamin Mathes.

My story

Throughout my extensive career, I have honed my skills in creative leadership which empowers the collective in a non dominant way, working with conflict within collaborations, and empowering collective transformation. My journey began as an actress and singer, giving me a deep understanding of the creative process and the complexity of being human and how to use this to change and transform an audiences' way of seeing the world. In particular the worlds of those who come from a different experience. The power of storytelling, being Irish, is something I always had a deep respect for and felt sacred in how it could integrate the listeners, heart, soul and mind. Over time, I transitioned into a voice and acting coach, training and coaching actors for stage and screen then went on to spending years studying and researching the nervous system and how to offer actors skills in self regulation and collective regulation in an often dysregulating industry and career.

I have made it my life's mission to affect individual and collective change in the arts, in a hope that moving forward systemic change in how actors are trained, educated, cared for in rehearsals and on sets focuses more compassionately on their mental health and wellbeing. Actors  are required by nature and their art form to remain sensitive in order to be able to transform into the stories they are asked to tell. I am committed to empowering actors to remember they are artists and get to know how they need to be inspired and supported to create. I am here to help actors unlock their potential, enhance their art of expression, and navigate challenging transitional moments with compassion.

Helena Walsh holds a B.A.Honours in English Literature & The Classics from University College Dublin, Ireland. She has further augmented her professional qualifications with certifications in various areas, including:
  • Organic Intelligence® HEART™ Coach
  • Organic Intelligence® Certified Coach
  • Organic Intelligence® End of Trauma™ Moderator
  • Neurosystemics™CARE Training Mentor
  • Certificate in Roy Hart Voice and Body Training from the 'Centre Artistic International, Roy Hart,' France
  • Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London

Meet our Guest Teachers

Acting & Career Masterclass Maestro

Ben Mathes

Has been inspiring the actors who come to my studio for years now. The energy, wisdom and constant originality of imagination and thought he offers in his teaching empowers the individual actor to have more agency, clarity, purpose in their life and art. 

Head of Singing and Character Voice Operations

Ruth McGill

is the embodiment of all that is creative about a life deeply felt and lightly touched with humour, curiosity, joy and love. These past months she has worked with the actors on the “ Art of the Human Voice” weekly, in singing and character voice for animation. 

Acting & Voices for Animation Alchemist

Chris Edmund

His teachings bring each actor to a whole new level of embodying the story.
He creates a fun and easy space for actors to risk and go deeper so the nuance, paradox and complexity of the story emerges from the actors versatile and flexible use of the moments of the story.

Chief Compassion Officer

Steve Hoskinson

is a true leader for collective change and guest teacher on The Art of Leadership.    He is a world renowned trauma therapist and resiliency expert Steve Hoskinson, MA, MAT & Organic Intelligence® founder

Resiliency & Empowerment Forum

Boaz Feldman

is the cofounder of NeuroSystemics, a psychosocial methodology for resiliency & empowerment. As well as being an experienced psychologist and trainer acting for worldwide positive change.

Meet the Studio Team

Head of Operations & Director of Marketing, Graphic & Web Designer

Christina McMahon

Christina is from Mayo and the great puppeteer of the studio's Creative Hub. Creating a space for actors to share ideas on projects they wish to write, produce, direct and be in. This Creative Hub is a rich resource for the actors creative process at the moment where seeds are planted and nurtured to grow by fellow actors. For the first three years of the studios inception Christina was the invisible genius behind the scenes.  She steered the ship through the seas of marketing, online courses and social media. She is a gifted VO actress, comic actress and moves as only a comedian can in her own unique and stylish way from one role to the next.

Studio Administrator

Rachel Defontes

Rachel is from Orange County , California. Now living in London and working as an actress. At the studio Rachel beavers steadfastly behind the scenes organising our storyboards for our social media. That is then translated into images by Gian, our graphic designer. She mindfully edits each page, chapter and book of our content into a library of integrated images for storytelling. This storytelling reflects the nature of the fiercely gentle and empowering work of transformation and evolution that emerges from  the co -creations between Helena, her clients, actors and teachers at the studio. These co-creations later become words, quotes and stories. We are delighted to have Rachel and her unique perspective on our team. 

Art Design Consultant

Gianluca Tettamanti

Gianluca is from Como, Italy. He is a graphic designer, an artist, a lover of books, music and the natural world. He has a rare sensitivity that translates the work at the studio into images that have a life in and of themselves. These images tell a story, the story of what it is to experience the work rather than merely portray it. 

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