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Learn how to expand and dig deeper in your acting process with tools drawn from Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence® and Neurosystemics

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Killary Lodge, Galway IRELAND

Helena Walsh

June 16th to 21st 2024

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Clonakilty, Ireland

Helena Walsh & Benjamin Mathes

October 12th to 19th 2024

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"Truly life-changing"

The Ireland retreat was much more than I could have even anticipated. Coming together with the Irish actors was an unbelievable experience, then being able to work with Helena side by side is something my breath, body and voice are thanking me for. She not only gets you more into your body, but connected to it in a nurturing experience. The work is fast and intense yet slowed down because of how present you become. It’s an opportunity to show up and be open and let yourself be completely in the moment. Watching everyone was an experience all on its own as well. Sharing your dreams, speaking aloud your determinations in a group like this is powerful. I’m coming back to LA a different actor, refreshed and excited!  It was truly life changing.

~ Brittany Brown, Actress & Model

I would 100% recommend this to any actor!

Wow what a life Changing experience! This retreat takes you out of the usual day to day nonsense and takes you back into how it truly is to feel and dream like a human.  I myself felt like there was some kind of block locking me in, within my performance. Helena and Benjamin have taught me how to use my own keys to unlock it. Overall, with Helena and Benjamin’s teaching combined with the excursions, they aim and succeed in taking you to a place of ultimate freedom and expression within your art. I would 100% recommend this to any actor at any level.

Nathan Haymer Bates | Actor and Model