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Slow down, do less, be more

Surf & Acting Retreat
Sligo Ireland

7-day immersive retreat experience taught by world-class acting coach, Helena Walsh and surf experts, Rebelle Surf at an eco-dome in the spiritually charged land of Sligo, home to many ancient legends and beautiful surf!

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Each day you get to surf the mystical majestic waves of Strandhill, Co. Sligo under the careful guidance of highly experienced instructors at Rebelle Surf

Acting workshops + Excursions

Acting workshops with Helena plus sunrise/sunset hike / walk around the stunning magestic wilderness of the Ox Mountains, followed by fireside sing song together


Eco-Friendly Accommodation

You'll be staying at Brú Moytura Retreat Centre, an earth ship style eco-dome tucked into the rolling hills outside Co. Sligo.  Built to be a regenerative gathering place, this circular building has energy that accentuates community gatherings.


Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Typical breakfast: fresh fruit, yogurt, granola & freshly brewed coffee. Vegetarian / vegan lunch and dinners cooked together. 


  • How would your acting evolve if you knew how to go deeper? 
  •  How would your practice evolve if you knew how to integrate the here and now into your creative process? 
  •  How would your relationship with the other actor evolve if you became more receptive? 
  •  How would your relationships in your life and art transform if you felt empowered? 
  •  How would your ability to trust evolve if you became curious about integrating your discomfort?

What if you could navigate any circumstance creatively and with deeply empowered presence?


7-day immersive retreat experience taught by world-class acting coach, Helena Walsh and surf experts, Rebelle Surf at an eco-dome
in the spiritually charged land of Sligo, home to many ancient legends and beautiful surf!

Your sensational surf and acting adventure awaits
April 20th to 26th 2024
Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Ireland

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Here's what to expect:

This unique opportunity brings actors together to grow, evolve, challenge and transform! 
This workshop will focus on moving through the spiral of intensity to complexity to simplicity.

  • Orientation Practice : The Art of Presence
    Daily, there will be work integrating life and art through our six senses, through our “organic intelligence” from our biology to our environment to the group of actors present, to what matters to us individually and collectively about the world we live in. Discovering your alignment with these forces will anchor your work as an artist , actor in a potent, personal and collective creative intelligence. This will invite you to become open to receive the potential for growth & transformation that is already there for you to work & play with in your life & art.
  • Nervous System Regulation & Integration Work 
    The work is inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence® and Neurosystemics™ and works from the principles of stability, support, pleasure and play. It is a journey into alignment of imagination body and breath, working with the fight / flight / freeze mechanisms that ignite in the actor’s nervous system when working with creative impulse. We will explore the subtle nuances in our rich vulnerability so that the experience of your character is more embodied and alive.
  • Scene & Character Work
    It is a fusion of the relationship of the physiology and biology with the imaginative circumstances of the story.  The scene work is about being in and experiencing the story, building a belief in story through specific tools given by Helena to give you an ever evolving deepening of your craft. Encouraging an enjoyable risky leap into the unknown, excited by the danger of trusting something bigger than you to move through you. Stepping into your own potency and in so doing a vibrant empowering expression of the moment.

    This workshop is powerful, you're together in a room, it's for a concentrated time. It's an enjoyable, playful, transformative, powerful few days. If this sounds like something that you would really enjoy, then come join us.

    Places limited!  Don't miss out on your chance to work with one of the most internationally sought after acting, voice and empowerment coaches Helena Walsh PLUS oh yea, surfing! 

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And just who will also be teaching you The Surf & Acting Retreat?

Me! I'm Helena Walsh

Accomplished Entrepreneur, Researcher, and International Voice & Acting Coach

With 30+ years of experience, she empowers actors to excel worldwide. Helena's holistic approach, drawing from Organic Intelligence® and Fitzmaurice Voicework®, offers transformative experiences rooted in ancient wisdom.

By addressing the nervous system, she fosters empowerment and coherence, unlocking creative potential.

A sought-after mentor, Helena guides actors in presence, communication, and resilience, equipping them for success on and off the stage.

Book a free consultation with Helena to embark on a transformative journey towards acting excellence.

Acting & Surfing Retreat was the perfect week for reconnecting with myself, and being introduced to new skills to incorporate into my craft. As well, I met some truly wonderful people from Ireland and beyond! Highly recommend to actors at any point in their careers to take a week for themselves, and ride those waves!

Gráinne Holmes Blumenthall

Having done The Actor's Practice so I had high expectations with respect to the Acting and Surfing Retreat.  Well they are absolutely far exceeded. It was one of the most growth fuelled weeks of my life. It's hard to know where to begin - meeting a loving community of fellow actors, so many of whose maturity blew my mind; learning to surf; deepening my listening and presence work with Helena to a level I didn't realise was possible and learning and reseeing my world with so many transformational practices. I am in awe and blessed and humbled by my fabulous week. If there is one word that springs to mind  it is 'wisdom'.  

Rosemary O' Loughlin

I attended the 2023 Greece retreat with Helena and words fall short when I try to describe what a sublime experience it was. There's absolutely no other studio in the world doing what Helena Walsh Empowerment is! Run, don't walk, to work with this incredible team ❤️.

Shivani Desai

This retreat broke walls down that I wasn’t even aware of. My eyes were opened to things within myself that needed to be uncovered, and in turn allowed me to be open to the people and the experiences that were right in front of me.  It’s something I will never regret.

Madisson Brown
Actress & Model

There is nothing more beneficial than taking an actor out of their comfort zone in every way imaginably possible. I was challenged mentally, physically and spiritually; and to be in a small little Irish beach town while doing this was just wonderful. Throughout the retreat I found pieces of myself I thought where missing. I also found a whole new community of loving supporting amazing people. The retreat has changed me in so many ways through breath work to thinking about the industry and acting in a whole new way. learning to surf in freezing cold water to self exploring conversations, and scene work i found my love for being an artist again. I guess I just had to go all the way to Ireland to find it. So grateful for the retreat and my new Irish/LA family. If your feeling like i was feeling go! You will be forever changed!

Julia Faye Fisher

The acting and surfing retreat was not only a week-long masterclass in acting but also an invigorating experience for the mind, body and soul with a group of beautiful people against the backdrop of a most charming town. What more could you ask for?

Conor O' Dwyer

A truly transformational experience. The environment was safe enough to allow me to feel vulnerable and challenged me to keep pushing through. It allowed me to fully experience the power of my body and connect to myself. I was able find a new breath in my body, my life, and in my work. I gained a new perspective of seeing beauty through the chaos feel more receptive to all that’s around. I would encourage anyone seeking artistic growth and connection to join this workshop. It’s a once and a lifetime opportunity.

Diedra Hart

I was so inspired by the workshop and have continued to process everything we worked on as I pursue my acting career in LA. I feel a stronger connection to the world around me and I am grounded in the unshakable idea that I am enough. I’m so grateful for this workshop, the community we created and a beautiful experience I will remember forever.

Emilia Ray
Actress & Singer

One of the best experiences of my life. The workshop consisted of a full week of body and breath connection, scene study, and great practical advise. I learned so much about my own body and breath, and how everything applies to my life and work. Having the opportunity to work with actors from Ireland was a dream come true! All of the actors were willing to take risks and be vulnerable, which created a safe space for everyone and allowed everyone to learn more about the craft and connect deeply with one another. By the end of the week, we were all a family. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who is looking to deepen their connection with themselves, with others, and with their craft. This was an experience that will always be dear to my heart.“

Chiara McCarthy

“For me the acting retreat was transformative, truly something I will cherish for the rest of my life. A journey that reawakens/awakens things within you. Beautiful, transformative, effective and powerful! Will stay in the depths of my heart forever…. I can go on and on. Hard to find the right verbiage for the experience. It was damn magical!” 

Karina Gardea

The Acting and Surfing Retreat with Helena Walsh is a life-changing week of surfing, acting, EATING, and feeling like you are breathing for the first time. Maybe the greatest lesson I received was finding beauty in my everyday life. The experience is unparalleled.

Aidan Rees

Surf & Acting Retreat, Strandhill, Sligo

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  • This unique opportunity brings actors together from across the world to grow, breathe, and reflect with expert guidance of Helena Walsh. Set in one of Ireland’s most beautiful coastal towns, the retreat consists of a week of scene study, voice and body work, awareness and presence training, and—oh yeah—SURFING! This retreat will challenge you artistically, physically, and professionally.

  • Inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework, Organic Intelligence,Neurosystemic™ and traditional acting methodologies, the work is a journey into the alignment of the imagination, body, and breath. By exploring the subtle nuances in our rich vulnerability, your characters become more embodied and alive, and you will enjoy the present moment with greater insight and creativity.

  • Each morning, the acting workshop begins, consists of  voice, body and character integration, acting, and scene study work with Helena followed by lunch together in the retreat centre. 

  • After lunch, we journey to one of Ireland’s most beautiful surfing beaches, Strandhill, Co. Sligo, where surfing instructors from Rebelle Surf are waiting with boards, wetsuits, and a love of adventure. After an hour of surfing in the Wilds of the Atlantic Ocean, you will have a hot shower in the newly constructed National Surf Centre. We will return to the retreat centre for an evening meal and acting workshop to close the day, followed by fireside sing song beneath the stars

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Let's talk Strandhill

The retreat experience
Daily Surf Lessons

Strandhill Beach, Sligo, Ireland

Experience the Atlantic and a full immersion into Irish surf culture with an unforgettable surf experience on Strandhill beach, County Sligo. This spectacular beach and village is home to world class waves and breathtaking scenery.  On arrival at Rebelle Surf School, your instructor will allocate a wetsuit (boots, hoods and gloves if needed) and surf board, then guide you down to the beach where you will be briefed on equipment, beach safety and the basic surfing techniques.

Next it’s into the surf to practice these skills under the safe guidance of your instructor.
Students are required to be present at the surf school 10 minutes before the lesson begins to allow time to get suited up and to have maximum time in the water. Lessons begin and finish at the surf school building. All equipment Surfboards and Wetsuits are provided, so all students need to bring is their swimwear, towel and sun screen.

 The Mythical Land of Sligo

Watch in wonder

Our landscape is incredible. Knocknarea mountain is steeped in myth and legends of the Great Queen Maeve and her kingdom and is the majestic backdrop and power source to everything we do here.  Perfect for retreating and restorative walks along the coast.

Brú Moytura is situated on the north end of the plateau of Moytura in Co. Sligo where the mythic Battle of Moytura took place.  This ancient district has the greatest proliferation of megalithic monuments in Europe, each square yard = a yarn of legends.

Nestled amid cairn topped mountains the building blends with the natural landscape, its triple entrances align with Summer & Winter solstices in line with Carrowkeel, Queen Maeve’s cairn atop Knocknarae and closest by Sí Lú cairn on the plateau of Moytura.

An idyllic retreat location

Feel where you belong

Looking out over Lough Arrow & five counties this 100ft wide wooden edifice is aligned to 3 solar events pointing toward the megalithic cairns of Moytura, Carrowkeel and Queen Maeve's tumulus on top of Knocknarae.

The main central hall holds a wonderful fire pit with seating area around it, a perfect place to sit and while away a few hours. Built from recycled and sustainable wood and insulated with sheep's wool, this eco-lodge also has toilet water filtered through a reed-bed system. The space and water is heated from geothermal heat from the land boosted by a combination of our own wind turbine power + Airtricity windygrid power.

The Accommodation at Brú Moytura, Castledarwin, Co. Sligo

Your artistic community

Enter the wonderful world of the Gyreum, an earth ship style eco-dome tucked into the rolling hills outside Co. Sligo.  Built to be a regenerative gathering place, this circular building has energy that accentuates community gatherings. There are individual beds and rooms throughout the perimeter building, most will be in a semi-shared sleeping space. 

The Gyreum is a 20 minute drive to Strandhill, where we aim to surf most of our sessions.  There are also plenty of waves in the surrounding area should the swell take us elsewhere from Strandhill! 

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The embodied character is the most intimate expression of the human experience. 

To truly offer an authentic, moving human experience in your storytelling requires a nuanced, subtle, flexible and pleasurable connection to your voice. The voice is the most intimate expression of the self and can convey ten thousand intimacies through a freely expressive, present actor.