Hey, you -- need some help finding your authentic powerful voice? 

Slow down, do less, be more

The Empowered Voice
Protégé Programme

Accellerator programme for professionals who want to level up their presentations, pitches and TED Talks. 

I NEED HELP empowering my voice


You want to have a more charismatic & empowered presence
but your fear of public speaking and confidence is holding you back

You want to really nail those pitches & presentations
but your voice is not powerful, clear or colourful enough

You want to be valued for who you are and what it is you have to offer
but you're afraid of speaking up, taking space, being seen and heard

You want to feel more empowered & expressive in handling conflict but are uncomfortable dealing with the potential consequences.

Imagine if...

  • How would your career evolve if you were more compelling with your voice and speech? 

  •  How would your self critic soften if you were more rooted? 

  •  How would your life evolve if you were more centred? 

  •  How would your relationships evolve if you were more empowered?

What if you could feel liberated to grow and evolve from your limitless potential.  

What if you could really thrive in your life and career?


3-month one-to-one coaching intensive designed
to liberate and empower your self-expression. 

Fee: One time investment of €2000 EUR


By the end of The Empowered Voice: Protégé Programme,
you'll have learnt how to:

  • Speak with clarity
  • Develop a depth of tone and a flexibility of range in your voice
  • Become more deeply connected to an organic and expressive breath,
    which will reduce stress, panic and anxiety
  • Become more confident with others in your personal and working life
  • Become more aware and less self conscious
  • Become more empowered to speak your truth when necessary and needed in given situations
  • Become more connected to yourself, others and the world around you.

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... ME!


You're going to



Tailor made programme

Each session is truly unique as Helena designs and adapts the programme to suit the needs of her clients

The Resiliency App

You will also have access to our resiliency app for self-study to revitalise you and rejuvenate you throughout your working day.  

Recordings of your session

You will have the option to record your session so that you can re-watch and reflect on your session again and again 

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And just who will be teaching you The Empowered Voice: Protégé Programme for Professionals?

Me! I'm Helena Walsh

Human Empowerment & Resiliency
Organic Intelligence Consultant.

For over 25 years, I have been transforming personal and collective lives, firstly as a voice and acting coach, a leader and director in international organisations, and more recently, as an entrepreneur, business woman and human empowerment and resiliency coach in the international arts world.  My work supports my clients to break through personal and organisational obstacles that seem to be holding them back in their personal and professional lives.

My programmes and workshops are one of a kind, encouraging collective transformation and empowering interpersonal relationships within your team so that they may become more co-creative, innovative and inspired.  

I design human empowerment and resiliency programmes for the corporate world and have worked with start-ups and corporations including Google, LinkedIn, AIB, Facebook, Henry J Lyons and many more. 


Working with Helena over the years has truly been beneficial both on personal and professional levels. I feel more grounded, aware and attuned with the world around me and how I can navigate it with more empathy. Joining the in-person voice course program or even her online Empowerment & Resiliency Circles have truly been empowering and her expertise will certainly impel your self awareness and guide you on your own journey." 


Let's Talk Techniques

The breakdown

Fitzmaurice Voicework®

To expand your vocal expression 

Each week we will take a different skill using Fitzmaurice Voicework® to expand, open and empower your voice, deepening your experience and range of character and self.


Organic Intelligence® 

Nervous system regulation

Using Organic Intelligence®, we will work on the fight / flight / freeze mechanisms living in your biology, working towards a more resilient, present and grounded experience for you in relation to your life and career.


Knight Thompson Speechwork®

For greater clarity of speech

We will explore techniques from Knight Thompson Speechwork and Roy Hart work to bring greater clarity of intention, attention and precision to the physicality of the language of storytelling.

I find myself with an incredibly powerful support that is crucial in my life in these difficult times. Helena's combination of cutting edge techniques allows you to feel strongly grounded, open-minded and supported at the same time. I am always amazed at the immediate and effective way you can achieve results, which otherwise would take years to obtain, and only in a very partial way, with more traditional techniques.

Dr. Alberta Congeduti 
Lecturer, PhD Philosophy, TU Dublin

I would recommend to anyone: from a person who only wants to lead their own art, their own garden, their own daily intentions to people who actively lead big teams in their job and want to find a compassionate tool to connect and establish work relationships made of trust and deeper understanding. This course guides you to embody your own leadership form and cultivate it. If you'd like to become an artist of compassionate leadership, this course is exactly what you should try, and Helena is exactly who you're looking for. You will end this journey feeling liberated, elevated and empowered, as an individual but also as part of a bigger picture.

Gianluca Tettamanti
Visual Design Senior Analyst presso Accenture

Working with Helena has been transformative in my relationships with my colleagues, my patients and within my personal life. I have learned many ways of going much deeper into awareness of my own body and my environment which has been mind blowing in allowing me to move much quicker into relaxation and to be present. I feel more resilient in the management of the stresses of working in a chaotic healthcare system. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Helena. You'll gain an insight of yourself and skills to be resilient for life.

Finola Looney
Senior Physiotherpist

I found the course to be highly instructive, invigorating and inspirational. The holistic
content and approach of the course was perfectly tailored for online delivery allowing me to thrive
from the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend it, as the skills I refined and integrated are equally applicable for my acting, my work in a corporate environment and for my life in general.

Vince Breheny
Actor, Writer, Director
& I.T. Specialist

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Liberate your expression

  • Tailor made programme designed to suit your needs
  • You can record your session so that you can rewatch and reflect in your own time, without having the stress of having to take notes.
  • Resiliency app to bring stability to your nervous system before your TED Talk or presentation and so you can put into practice the skills on the go
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Payment plan

€700 p/m

Liberate your expression

  • Tailor made programme designed to suit your needs
  • You can record your session so that you can rewatch and reflect in your own time, without having the stress of having to take notes.
  • Resiliency app to bring stability to your nervous system before your TED Talk or presentation and so you can put into practice the skills on the go
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Still Got Questions?


If your intention is clear, it can drive the expression. 

Just one note changes everything. Come away from how to say it and move towards the intention behind the words. The intention gives you a strength and a strong sense of self. Including all that the body is experiencing and expressing, it is the freedom of expression. Free to express what is complicated.