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The Art of Acting:
Protégé Programme

Accelerator Programme for actors, writers, directors and artists looking to take their craft to the next level 

I want to level up my craft!

This is a 3-month tailor made personalised coaching programme,
led by one of the world's leading voice, acting and empowerment coaches, Helena Walsh

Fee: One time investment of €1800 EUR


Here's what to expect:

  • Choose the script you want to work on ~ Deep dive into character and story

    You will send on the script and character of your choice that you would like to really explore and discover the range, nuance and complexities of the character and scene.

  • Part 1: Body Work ~ Embodying Imagination

    Allow your whole body come alive and express with Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence® (O.I.) and Embodied Imagination practice

  • Part 2: Integration work ~ Empowering you as an artist

    Using Organic Intelligence, empowerment and resiliency skills to bring greater coherence to your mind, body and creative process. This part of the work, we will move from your personal empowerment to deepening your complex awareness of how to build character. 

  • Part 3: Script Work ~ Liberating character and story
    Unearthing all the different layers within the script by working closely and rigorously with the specificity of the story. From this specificity, your unique embodiment of the character comes to life. Exploring through a free association conversation weaving in an out of a lucid dream state, we access the creative unconscious and this is the golden light of inspiration for the actor. 

  •  Part 4: Self study ~ Becoming the place of belonging for all human experience
    Sensing the profound potential, where life and art meet. This is time for you to read the script again and write down your discoveries and the questions you have and where you wish to build a more complex belief in story. It is also time to process the wisdom of the unconscious to reveal to you in very ordinary moments of your life, the key to unlocking character and story.   

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Protégé Programme
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And just who will be teaching you The Art of Acting Protégé Programme?

Me! I'm Helena Walsh

Voice & Acting Coach | Human Empowerment & Resiliency Organic Intelligence® Consultant.

For over 25 years, I have been transforming personal and collective lives, as a voice, acting coach and empowerment coach in the international arts world. I studied voice through the International Roy Harte Centre in the south of France and trained in Fitzmaurice Voicework® at Central in London. I was appointed to the role of European director of the Fitzmaurice Institute and was the co-director of the Freedom and Focus Fitzmaurice Voicework® Conference in 2016 and 2018 in Dublin and London respectively.  

Over the years, I became more and more interested in trauma, PTSD and anxiety, which were coming up a lot during workshops with my clients. After burning out in 2017, I discovered Organic Intelligence®, and since then I have been training and working as a human empowerment and resiliency consultant. 

My work in Organic Intelligence® complimented the work I had embodied through Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Roy Hart and my mentor Andrea Ainsworth. I became more curious about how we could create a more organic and holistic approach to the actor's process. So, with my friend and colleague Benjamin Mathes of Crash Acting LA, we co-created a ten-week advanced acting process. This was inspired by the week-long retreats we regularly host in Clonakilty, West Cork, where actors from LA, Ireland and Europe come together for an intensive week of acting and surfing. "The Actor's Practice" is a compassionate and deeply transformative practice which moves both the actors process to a whole new level and changes their lives for the better. This leaves the actor confident, unshakable and inspired to feel more pleasure and curiosity in their life and art. 

"Her work is extraordinary"

"Helena assisted me in opening up doors to my character’s history & helped to unlock elements to their story. Her work is extraordinary and drives you to build a world around your character through narrative and imagination. Her help and support is like no other. Highly recommend working with this master craftswoman.." 


I've been working with Helena since we met in acting school a number of years ago.  She's like a wizard that can see and bring out things in you that you might never thought possible without her.  Helena has genuinely helped me be a better, happier and more balanced actor and human.  Couldn't recommend her and the team enough 

Jason Daly

Working with Helena was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  It has transformed my approach to acting, and since working with her I've seen huge self-growth - both as an actor and on a personal level.  I'm excited to continue working with Helena and to see where her work and support takes me next.  

Aine Flanagan

Helena’s teachings and support will guide you through a journey of discovery and exploration of the humanity in not only you as the artist, but also in you as yourself. You’ll feel more empowered and fearless as she brings light into the unknown ahead of your artistry’s journey. I’ve been studying with her for a while and all I can say now is that, reading a script, working on character and telling stories have become so nuanced, so humane and magical. So, I can’t recommend her enough. She’s a badass coach and human being!.

Matheus Tonon

The most brilliantly adaptive acting training imaginable, one of the greats.

Justin Ensor

The Art of Acting: Protégé Programme gets you from exhausted fatigue to energised creative flow. This is your ticket to empower your voice in what you aspire to do!

Let's get you started!

The work with me will be a mixture of Fitzmaurice Voicework® & Organic Intelligence®, two disciplines where art and neuroscience weave in and out of one another, resulting in an authentic, empowered and deeply creative artist. 

Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown

The Empowered Self

Nervous system regulation 1:1's
using Organic Intelligence® 

Orientation practice

Create an ability to adapt and attune to whatever is happening

The ability to listen to one's self and others

Learning to trust self regulation

Becoming responsive, not reactive

Gaining clarity about your mission and vision in life

Easy social engagement skills

Invigorating clear boundaries

Fostering a deep knowledge of what is needed for one's own well-being and growth

Cultivating empowerment through reflection


Creative Flow

Voice, acting and embodiment masterclasses 

You meet with Helena for voice, body, character integration work and nervous system regulation work. The work is inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence® and Neurosystemics™ and works from the principles of stability, support, pleasure and play. It is a journey into alignment of imagination body and breath, working with the fight / flight / freeze mechanisms that ignite in the actor’s nervous system when working with creative impulse. We will explore the subtle nuances in our rich vulnerability so that the experience of your character is more embodied and alive.



The actor has worked consistently in practice and process and now recognises their own and another actors boundaries as an important part of trust, equality and skilled listening.  

Trust, acceptance and empathy have been established as the code of ethics within the way the actors communicate with each other.  

You will feel a great sense of liberation and freedom of expression and innovation and creativity is flourishing and boundless. 


The Art of Acting
3-month Protégé Programme

Move away from result and move into process

  • VIP 1:1 coaching sessions with Helena Walsh on skills and techniques to evolve and grow your creative process in voice, acting and movement work. 
  • Get our revolutionary Empowerment & Resiliency Library of Guided Practices to support the actor's balance between their life and their art.
  • Personalised feedback to progress and deepen the actor’s practice and process. 
  • Daily self study involves access to a weekly guided practice, where the actor has the specific intention and skill to work on for the week.
  • All of the coaching sessions take place online via Zoom and are recorded so that the artist has their 3-month personalised coaching programme and practices which they can take over and over again when the has finished.  
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Still Got Questions?


In practice, we open space for story to happen. 

Being in story requires experiencing it, which is very different to analysing it.  For stories to emerge imbued with complexity, you need to offer your body the initial conditions of safety and pleasure - so then you can risk and discover and surrender to the unknown.  Trusting your embodied imagination reveals the story to you - so you and the audience are constantly surprised.  We practice until it happens.