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The Empowered Voice

Are you an actor seeking to elevate your craft, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression? Look no further – our "Empowered Voice Actors" 12-Week Course is your ticket to mastering the art of compelling voice and speech.

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Imagine if...

  • How would your career evolve if you were more compelling with your voice and speech? 

  •  How would your self critic soften if you were more rooted? 

  •  How would your life evolve if you were more centred? 

  •  How would your relationships evolve if you were more empowered?

What if you could feel liberated to grow and evolve from your limitless potential.  

What if you could really thrive in your life and career?


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Tailor made programme

Each class and course is truly unique as Helena designs each course to suit the needs of the participants

The Empowered Voice App

You will also have access to our empowered voice video library with recordings from your class for self-study throughout the course

Worldwide Community

Our classes are kept small so you get to really connect and engage with other like minded souls from around the world


12-week intensive designed to expand your full vocal range so that you can speak up and out with confidence, clarity & connection. 

Your pathway to liberated expression begins
Wednesday | September 20th 2023 | Online

LA (PST) 10.30am to 12.30pm
NEW YORK (EST) 1.30pm to 3.30pm
DUBLIN (GMT+1) 6.30pm to 8.30pm 
PARIS (CEST) 7.30pm to 9.30pm


Our comprehensive programme
is designed to help you:

  • Develop a more compelling voice and speech that will enhance your communication skills and boost your confidence. Through this program, you will learn techniques to improve your vocal clarity, tone, and projection, enabling you to engage and persuade others more effectively. This will lead to better interpersonal relationships, increased confidence, and more success in your career, including opportunities for advancement and leadership roles.

  •  But it's not just about your voice and speech. Our program also focuses on developing your sense of self-awareness, self-worth, and resilience. By becoming more rooted, centered, and empowered, you will be able to manage stress and anxiety better, make decisions more effectively, set healthy boundaries, and communicate more confidently and assertively. This will help you achieve a more positive outlook on life and make choices that align with your values and goals.

  • Our program is structured as a 12-week course that includes weekly online modules and virtual group coaching sessions with our expert instructor. You will have access to personalized feedback, guidance, and support every step of the way.

So, if you're ready to feel liberated to grow and evolve from your limitless potential and thrive in your personal and professional life, enroll in our Empowered Voice for  Actors 12-Week Course today!

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... ME!

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And just who will be teaching you The Empowered Voice?

Me! I'm Helena Walsh

International Voice & Acting Coach | Human Empowerment & Resiliency Coach with 30+ years experience

🌟 Who is Helena Walsh? 🌟

Helena Walsh, the CEO and Founder of Helena Walsh Empowerment Studios, has an illustrious career guiding actors from around the globe towards success in major TV network shows. Her approach is holistic and deeply integrated, setting her apart in the industry. She draws wisdom from ancient practices and combines them with innovative techniques such as Fitzmaurice Voicework® and Organic Intelligence®.

🌟 What Sets Helena Apart? 🌟

Helena understands that the journey of an actor is more than just memorizing lines; it's a profound exploration of the self and the art of communication. She addresses the nervous system of individuals and groups, fostering resilience and unity among her clients. Helena's mentorship extends beyond acting, empowering you to develop presence, effective communication, and genuine connections.

Having walked in your shoes as an actress and singer herself, Helena knows the challenges actors face. Her expertise in leadership development, team building, and collective transformation equips you not only for the stage but also for life beyond it.

🌟 The Free Consultation 🌟

To give you a taste of her transformative coaching, Helena offers a free consultation. This initial session lets you discover how her expertise can benefit you. It's a chance to create a customized approach tailored to your unique needs and goals.



Working with Helena over the years has truly been beneficial both on personal and professional levels. I feel more grounded, aware and attuned with the world around me and how I can navigate it with more empathy. Joining the in-person voice course program or even her online Empowerment & Resiliency Circles have truly been empowering and her expertise will certainly impel your self awareness and guide you on your own journey." 


Let's Talk Techniques

The breakdown

Our Empowered Voice for Actors Course
 combines cutting-edge techniques and teachings inspired by
Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence®,
Neurosystemics, and Knight-Thompson Speechwork


Fitzmaurice Voicework®

The Art of Authentic Communication

Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a technique that uses breath, sound, and movement to free the voice and connect it to the body, allowing for more dynamic and expressive communication. Our course incorporates these techniques to help you develop a more grounded and embodied presence, allowing you to communicate with greater authenticity and impact.


Organic Intelligence® 

Transforming Your Response to Stress: The Organic Intelligence® Way

Organic Intelligence® is a framework for healing and growth that emphasizes the connection between the nervous system and the body, and how they impact our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Our course draws from these principles to help you regulate your nervous system, manage stress and anxiety, and develop a more resilient and adaptive response to challenges.


Knight Thompson Speechwork®

Captivating Your Audience:
The Art of Persuasive Communication

Knight Thompson Speechwork is a technique that helps individuals develop a more authentic and versatile speaking voice, allowing them to communicate with greater clarity and impact. Our course integrates these techniques to help you develop a more compelling and persuasive speaking voice, enabling you to engage and influence others more effectively.



Building Your Resilience Toolkit: The Neurosystemics™ Method

Neurosystemics is an approach that combines mindfulness and neuroscience to help individuals develop a more flexible and adaptive response to stress and trauma. Our course incorporates these practices to help you become more centered, focused, and present, enabling you to communicate more effectively and make decisions more confidently.

I find myself with an incredibly powerful support that is crucial in my life in these difficult times. Helena's combination of cutting edge techniques allows you to feel strongly grounded, open-minded and supported at the same time. I am always amazed at the immediate and effective way you can achieve results, which otherwise would take years to obtain, and only in a very partial way, with more traditional techniques.

Dr. Alberta Congeduti 
Lecturer, PhD Philosophy, TU Dublin

I would recommend to anyone: from a person who only wants to lead their own art, their own garden, their own daily intentions to people who actively lead big teams in their job and want to find a compassionate tool to connect and establish work relationships made of trust and deeper understanding. This course guides you to embody your own leadership form and cultivate it. If you'd like to become an artist of compassionate leadership, this course is exactly what you should try, and Helena is exactly who you're looking for. You will end this journey feeling liberated, elevated and empowered, as an individual but also as part of a bigger picture.

Gianluca Tettamanti
Visual Design Senior Analyst presso Accenture

Working with Helena has been transformative in my relationships with my colleagues, my patients and within my personal life. I have learned many ways of going much deeper into awareness of my own body and my environment which has been mind blowing in allowing me to move much quicker into relaxation and to be present. I feel more resilient in the management of the stresses of working in a chaotic healthcare system. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Helena. You'll gain an insight of yourself and skills to be resilient for life.

Finola Looney
Senior Physiotherpist

I found the course to be highly instructive, invigorating and inspirational. The holistic
content and approach of the course was perfectly tailored for online delivery allowing me to thrive
from the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend it, as the skills I refined and integrated are equally applicable for my acting, my work in a corporate environment and for my life in general.

Vince Breheny
Actor, Writer, Director
& I.T. Specialist

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  • Tailor made programme designed to suit your needs
  • Weekly Small Group Classes so you get lots of personalised feedback on your process and practice
  • Empowered Voice Library so you can put into practice the skills on the go
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Supported Fee


OR €190 EUR P/M

  • Tailor made programme designed to suit your needs
  • Weekly Small Group Classes so you get lots of personalised feedback on your process and practice
  • Empowered Voice Library so you can put into practice the skills on the go
  • ***This is a reduced fee to support and promote equal access
    and inclusivity for those facing financial challenges***
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OR €175 EUR P/M

  • Tailor made programme designed to suit your needs
  • Weekly Small Group Classes so you get lots of personalised feedback on your process and practice
  • Empowered Voice Library so you can put into practice the skills on the go

  • ***This is a reduced fee to support and promote equal access
    and inclusivity for those facing financial challenges***
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If your intention is clear, it can drive the expression. 

Just one note changes everything. Come away from how to say it and move towards the intention behind the words. The intention gives you a strength and a strong sense of self. Including all that the body is experiencing and expressing, it is the freedom of expression. Free to express what is complicated.