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The Actor's Practice:
The Art of Being Human

For actors who want to expand their potential and craft. If you want to deepen your acting process and bring more diversity, nuance and complexity to your performance this is the course for you!


  🍂 ONLINE AUTUMN COURSE: September 16th to November 27th 2024 (Online) 

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  • What if you were able to navigate any circumstance creatively and with deeply empowered presence, whether an audition, self tape or chemistry read, or a meeting with directors and producers on major film and TV series.

  •  How would your relationships on set, the other and in life evolve if you could feel more confident, unshakable, and inspired to be yourself.

  • Imagine the immeasurable difference in how much pleasure and curiosity you will be able to create in relation to your craft and life.

  • Imagine what you could create if you had an endless creative resource to tap into! 

  • What if you could create fully realised characters for stage and screen allowing the audience to feel the complexity of their own humanity through your embodiment of the story.

  • What if you could free yourself of your inner critic and give yourself permission to truly enjoy and find pleasure in the art of acting.


This is a 10-week intensive advanced actor training practice with two of the world's leading acting coaches, Helena Walsh and Benjamin Mathes.

"Change the Environment, Embolden and Empower the Artist"


Here's what to expect:

"The Actor's Practice" is a compassionate and deeply transformative practice which moves both the actor's process to a whole new level and changes their lives for the better. This leaves the actor confident, unshakable and inspired to feel more pleasure and curiosity in their life and art. 

  • Twice a week, there will be voice, body, character integration work and nervous system regulation work with Helena Walsh. The work is inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence® and Neurosystemics™ and works from the principles of stability, support, pleasure and play. It is a journey into alignment of imagination body and breath, working with the fight / flight / freeze mechanisms that ignite in the actor’s nervous system when working with creative impulse. We will explore the subtle nuances in our rich vulnerability so that the experience of your character is more embodied and alive.

  • It is a fusion of the relationship of the physiology and biology with the imaginative circumstances of the story.  The scene work is about being in and experiencing the story, building a belief in story through specific tools given by Ben and Helena to give you an unshakable craft so that you can risk, be dangerous and more creative as the actors in the incarnate experience of your character.  

  • How Ben works with you:
    Through exercise, scene work, and discussion, actors will explore The Path™, a revolutionary 4 point process designed to bring more depth, ease, and joy to your acting and auditions.

    Students will work closely with Benjamin and Helena in this intimate-group setting of limited participants, receiving focused and personalised feedback. 
  • How Helena works with you:
    A lot of the work Helena has been doing over the last five years, has been studying nervous system regulation with some of the top people in the world. 
    Because Helena began to realise that one of the biggest challenges for actors was performance anxiety and personal anxiety.

    Helena started to work with this in more detail and discovered, that her actor's performances became much more complex. They started moving out of intensity and into complexity. They started moving out of the "what's wrong attention" and into real enjoyment and pleasure inside their lives, their work with story, their relationship with character and their relationship with their scene partner.

    Helena works with Organic Intelligence®, and that'll be working one to one with you in the room. And then she works with the Neurosystemics™ of the group. This is really about compassionate, collective change and co-creativity and how do you in groups, find your voice and speak from a place where you feel very much yourself, your authentic self and then Helena will be working with you on embodying the text.


You're going to



Acting Masterclasses 

Weekly acting masterclasses with Helena Walsh and Benjamin Mathes. 

The Actor's Practice App

You will also have access to our actor's practice app for self-study so that you can put the skills into practice on a daily basis.

Organic Intelligence sessions

Helena will give you the tools and techniques to feel more present, powerful and inspired so that you can persuade, move and really engage your audience.

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And just who will also be teaching you The Actor's Practice: The Art of Being Human?

Me! I'm Helena Walsh

Voice & Acting Coach | Human Empowerment & Resiliency Organic Intelligence® Consultant.

Helena Walsh is a passionate Entrepreneur, Researcher, and International Voice & Acting Coach, empowering actors to reach their full potential.

With 30+ years of experience, she prepares actors for major TV shows, drawing from practices like Organic Intelligence® and Fitzmaurice Voicework®. Her holistic approach fosters empowerment and collective growth by addressing the nervous system.

As a sought-after mentor, Helena guides actors in presence, communication, and resilience. With her deep understanding of the actor's journey, she equips them for success on and off the stage. Experience her coaching through a free consultation and unlock your acting excellence.


"Her work is extraordinary"

"Helena assisted me in opening up doors to my character’s history & helped to unlock elements to their story. Her work is extraordinary and drives you to build a world around your character through narrative and imagination. Her help and support is like no other. Highly recommend working with this master craftswoman.." 

ACTOR | "The Witcher: Blood Origin" Netflix TV Series

And who else will also be teaching you The Actor's Practice: The Art of Being Human?

Me! I'm Benjamin Mathes

Acting coach and teacher | author | Founder of Urban Confessional: A Free Listening Movement

I have been an actor for over 20 years. On film, television, and stage I have worked with artists such as Academy Award winning director Clint Eastwood, Academy Award winning actor Alan Arkin, Sam Raimi, Bradley Cooper, Andy Garcia, Chris Rock, and Academy Award winning producer Brian Grazer. I received my MFA in Acting from the University of California-Irvine.

My acting studio, CRASH, inspires a guerrilla approach to acting driven by the idea that service is the context for artistic greatness. My students have been nominated or awarded Tony, Emmy, Grammy, and Ovation Awards, and have appeared on Broadway, as guest stars and series regulars on television, and in major motion pictures. Further, my studio has helped raised thousands of dollars for charities worldwide.

I've been working with Helena since we met in acting school a number of years ago.  She's like a wizard that can see and bring out things in you that you might never thought possible without her.  Helena has genuinely helped me be a better, happier and more balanced actor and human.  Couldn't recommend her and the team enough 

Jason Daly

Absolutely brilliant! Highly recommend this course! Working with Helena was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  It has transformed my approach to acting, and since working with her I've seen huge self-growth - both as an actor and on a personal level.  I'm excited to continue working with Helena and to see where her work and support takes me next.  

Aine Flanagan

Helena’s teachings and support will guide you through a journey of discovery and exploration of the humanity in not only you as the artist, but also in you as yourself. You’ll feel more empowered and fearless as she brings light into the unknown ahead of your artistry’s journey. I’ve been studying with her for a while and all I can say now is that, reading a script, working on character and telling stories have become so nuanced, so humane and magical. So, I can’t recommend her enough. She’s a badass coach and human being!.

Matheus Tonon

The most brilliantly adaptive acting training imaginable, one of the greats.

Justin Ensor

Helena has taught me so much about my inner world. How to be human is truly the art of acting. She teaches how to access, identify and transform emotions into conscious expression.. Like painting a picture, an artist needs to know how to make a find the colours to mix them. Helena showed me how to find my colours…. Forever grateful….
Helena: “Move out of intensity and into complexity” 

Kathleen Weir
Script supervisor | "The Guard" 2011

Could not recommend this any higher. These two incredible people will change your life both as an artist and a human   

Shane O Regan

Helena is a fantastic teacher, the best I have met. Her teaching will change your relationship to how you experience your life, to yourself and your profession. And she surrounds herself with a brilliantly unique, talented and like-hearted team. Could not recommend her and the studio highly enough.

Seán McManus

Helena fosters the actor's ability to be aware of and to be in the moment by cultivating one's natural curiosity and interest. Her feedback on scene work is forensic and always encouraging. The love she has for acting and actors is palpable. Working with Helena has been a marvellous experience.

Pádraic Mc Ginley

Helena's unique and grounding practice has helped me immensely as an actor. Her holistic approach is something I've not experience in any other training, and what's more I always see the growth in myself having been in her classes. I go back to her again and again. 

Rachel Walshe

Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown

Working with Helena

Weekly voice, acting and embodiment masterclasses 

You meet with Helena twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays for voice, body, character integration work and nervous system regulation work. The work is inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence® and Neurosystemics™ and works from the principles of stability, support, pleasure and play. It is a journey into alignment of imagination body and breath, working with the fight / flight / freeze mechanisms that ignite in the actor’s nervous system when working with creative impulse. We will explore the subtle nuances in our rich vulnerability so that the experience of your character is more embodied and alive.


1:1 Organic Intelligence sessions with Helena

Nervous system regulation

Organic Intelligence® (OI) is a framework that teaches individuals to regulate their nervous system in order to promote optimal functioning and well-being. For actors, OI can be especially important for a few reasons:

  1. Emotional Regulation: Acting can be an emotionally demanding profession, and you may need to tap into intense emotions in order to convincingly portray a character. However, this can also lead to burnout, exhaustion, or emotional dysregulation. OI can help you to learn how to regulate your emotions in a healthy way, so that you can perform at your best without being overwhelmed.

  2. Presence: A great actor is able to fully inhabit a character and bring them to life on stage or screen. This requires a high degree of present-moment awareness and mindfulness. OI can help you to develop these skills, allowing you to stay fully engaged in the moment and bring a greater sense of authenticity to your performances.

  3. Resilience: Acting is a competitive field, and you may face rejection, criticism, or other setbacks in your career. OI can help you to build resilience and maintain a positive outlook, so that you can bounce back from these challenges and continue to pursue your goals.



Working with Ben

Acting Masterclasses

Part One: Presence/Body/Image/Block Integration

We begin using principles of Organic Intelligence, Fitzmaurice Voicework, and unique techniques developed at Crash Acting to center the actor in their bodies and deepen their work on script and character.

Part Two: Skill Development

Text Analysis, Creative Analysis, Cold Reading, Career Strategy, Audition Technique are example skills we cover. 

Part Three: Performance

Scenes are scheduled and actors work in a traditional scene study format. Receiving deep and lasting instruction from Ben, each actor is challenged with lessons designed to shape and deepen their practice.

Part Four: Return

We return to presence and stability as we reflect on the class and exit with intention for deeper practice, clarity of homework assignments, and purpose of artistry.

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In practice, we open space for story to happen. 

Being in story requires experiencing it, which is very different to analysing it.  For stories to emerge imbued with complexity, you need to offer your body the initial conditions of safety and pleasure - so then you can risk and discover and surrender to the unknown.  Trusting your embodied imagination reveals the story to you - so you and the audience are constantly surprised.  We practice until it happens.