Slow down, do less, be more 

The Art of Acting Retreat with Helena Walsh

For actors who wish to bring their acting to the next level in a co-creative trusting environment so that you expand into your greater potential. 

Yes, I need this retreat!


  • How would your acting evolve if you knew how to go deeper? 
  •  How would your practice evolve if you knew how to integrate the here and now into your creative process? 
  •  How would your relationship with the other actor evolve if you became more receptive? 
  •  How would your relationships in your life and art transform if you felt empowered? 
  •  How would your ability to trust evolve if you became curious about integrating your discomfort?

What if you could navigate any circumstance creatively and with deeply empowered presence?


This is a 6-day in person acting retreat led by acting, voice and empowerment coach, Helena Walsh, who has over 25 years experience teaching in the film and theatre industries 

Your acting adventure awaits
December 10th to 15th 2023
The Wicklow Escape, Co. Wicklow, Ireland


Here's what to expect:

This unique opportunity brings actors together to grow, evolve, challenge and transform in the stunning scenery of The Wicklow Mountains! 

  • The Wicklow Escape is an idyllic setting to gather, explore, reflect & deepen your acting process. We will be surrounded by natural beauty and Helena's acting workshops will focus on moving through the spiral of intensity to complexity to simplicity. 
  • Orientation Practice : The Art of Presence
    Daily, there will be work integrating life and art through our six senses, through our “organic intelligence” from our biology to our environment to the group of actors present, to what matters to us individually and collectively about the world we live in. Discovering your alignment with these forces will anchor your work as an artist , actor in a potent, personal and collective creative intelligence. This will invite you to become open to receive the potential for growth & transformation that is already there for you to work & play with in your life & art.
  • Nervous System Regulation & Integration Work 
    The work is inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence® and Neurosystemics™ and works from the principles of stability, support, pleasure and play. It is a journey into alignment of imagination body and breath, working with the fight / flight / freeze mechanisms that ignite in the actor’s nervous system when working with creative impulse. We will explore the subtle nuances in our rich vulnerability so that the experience of your character is more embodied and alive.
  • Scene & Character Work
    It is a fusion of the relationship of the physiology and biology with the imaginative circumstances of the story.  The scene work is about being in and experiencing the story, building a belief in story through specific tools given by Helena to give you an ever evolving deepening of your craft. Encouraging an enjoyable risky leap into the unknown, excited by the danger of trusting something bigger than you to move through you. Stepping into your own potency and in so doing a vibrant empowering expression of the moment.

    This retreat is powerful, you're together in a room, it's for a concentrated time. It's an enjoyable, playful, transformative, powerful few days. If this sounds like something that you would really enjoy, then come join us.

    Places limited!  Don't miss out on your chance to work with one of the most internationally sought after acting, voice and empowerment coaches Helena Walsh


You're going to



Delicious Food

Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Typical breakfast: fresh fruit, yogurt, granola & freshly brewed coffee. Vegetarian / vegan lunch and dinners cooked together. 

The Accommodation

We will be staying The Wicklow Escape, located just 60 minutes from Dublin in the heart of the stunning scenery of the Wicklow Mountains. 

Acting workshops & excursions

Acting workshops with Helena, plus sunrise & sunset hike / walk into the forest and mountain,
plenty R & R.

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6-Day Acting Retreat
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And just who will be teaching you The Art of Acting Retreat?

Me! I'm Helena Walsh

Voice & Acting Coach | Human Empowerment & Resiliency Organic Intelligence® Consultant.

Helena Walsh is an experienced voice and acting coach who has been transforming personal and collective lives in the international arts world for over 25 years. She studied voice at the International Roy Harte Centre in the south of France and trained in Fitzmaurice Voicework® at Central in London. Helena was appointed as the European director of the Fitzmaurice Institute and was the co-director of the Freedom and Focus Fitzmaurice Voicework® Conference in 2016 and 2018 in Dublin and London respectively.

Helena's passion for helping actors reach their full potential led her to co-create "The Actor's Practice" with her colleague Benjamin Mathes of Crash Acting LA. This ten-week advanced acting process is inspired by week-long retreats they host in Clonakilty, Ireland, and Pelion, Greece. Through this compassionate and transformative practice, actors are able to take their craft to new heights and achieve personal growth that positively impacts all aspects of their lives.

In recent years, Helena has been focusing on nervous system regulation, as she recognized that performance and personal anxiety were among the biggest challenges faced by actors. She discovered Organic Intelligence® in 2017 and has since become a certified human empowerment and resiliency consultant. Combining her expertise in Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Roy Hart, and mentorship from Andrea Ainsworth, Helena takes a holistic approach to the actor's process that helps actors find their authentic selves and embody the text with confidence and pleasure.

With her background in Organic Intelligence® and Neurosystemics™, Helena works one-on-one with actors in the room and with groups to facilitate compassionate, collective change and co-creativity. Her approach helps actors move beyond "what's wrong attention" and into a space of complexity and enjoyment, empowering them to tell their story with authenticity and connect with their scene partners. Helena's expertise and commitment to her craft make her an invaluable asset to any actor looking to take their skills and personal growth to the next level.

"Her work is extraordinary"

"Helena assisted me in opening up doors to my character’s history & helped to unlock elements to their story. Her work is extraordinary and drives you to build a world around your character through narrative and imagination. Her help and support is like no other. Highly recommend working with this master craftswoman.." 


I've been working with Helena since we met in acting school a number of years ago.  She's like a wizard that can see and bring out things in you that you might never thought possible without her.  Helena has genuinely helped me be a better, happier and more balanced actor and human.  Couldn't recommend her and the team enough 

Jason Daly

Working with Helena was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  It has transformed my approach to acting, and since working with her I've seen huge self-growth - both as an actor and on a personal level.  I'm excited to continue working with Helena and to see where her work and support takes me next.  

Aine Flanagan

Helena’s teachings and support will guide you through a journey of discovery and exploration of the humanity in not only you as the artist, but also in you as yourself. You’ll feel more empowered and fearless as she brings light into the unknown ahead of your artistry’s journey. I’ve been studying with her for a while and all I can say now is that, reading a script, working on character and telling stories have become so nuanced, so humane and magical. So, I can’t recommend her enough. She’s a badass coach and human being!.

Matheus Tonon

The most brilliantly adaptive acting training imaginable, one of the greats.

Justin Ensor

Let's Talk Wicklow Escape

The breakdown

The Accommodation

The Wicklow Escape 
Garden Rooms

Featuring bespoke designed furniture, The Wicklow Escape Garden Rooms offer privacy and high levels of comfort, enabling you to relax and unwind. Opening directly into nature, these rooms offer an exclusive intimate connection to peaceful secluded gardens and woodlands.
Each room is en-suite with Italian tiled bathrooms with a rain head shower.

The water comes from a mountain
spring so be prepared to feel soft and shiny.


The Garden Rooms are adjoining and
can be configured in a number of ways

• 5 x Twin/ Superior King Double -
sleeps 2 per room (can add one
extra bed)
• 2 x Bespoke twin and mezzanine
Rooms - Sleeps 4 per room
• Total beds 18 over the 7 en-suite
Garden Rooms. Linen, towels,
fluffy robes, extra blankets and
hair dryers are available in all
rooms. We can add additional
beds if needed.
Sleeping up to 18


The Venue

The Wicklow Escape

Guests enjoy full use of the venue
• The long hall including fireside
comfy chairs, handmade oak dining
tables, art deco bar.
• The pavillion an outdoor covered
space with seating for 40.
• The Fiery a woodfired BBQ
• The Larch Cabin - set up for dining, as a chill out space, treatment room or drinks area
• The grounds include over an acre ofgardens and forest.
• The wood fired hot tub, can be
hired at an additional cost per night
• The long hall can be cleared for
movement sessions or we have
access to a large barn for larger


The Empowered Self:  personal growth & development

Nervous system regulation 1:1's
using Organic Intelligence® 

During the retreat, Helena will be working with you using Organic Intelligence (OI) which takes a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Actors can particularly benefit from this approach as they need to be in tune with their emotions and surroundings.

Orientation practice is a crucial aspect of OI that helps individuals become more present and aware of their bodily sensations, especially useful for actors who need to be fully engaged in their surroundings. These sessions help you develop crucial skills, such as adaptability, listening, self-regulation, responsiveness, clarity, social engagement, boundary-setting, well-being, and empowerment.


The Collective

Group resiliency circles

Neurosystemics Resiliency Circles are a valuable tool for actors as they create a space for collective empowerment. In these circles, individuals are encouraged to support and uplift one another, which strengthens the group as a whole. By building a relational field of acceptance, empathy, trust, and vulnerability, individuals in the circle can find enough trust to share their struggles, hopes, and aspirations. This creates a strong foundation of connection and understanding that can enhance group resiliency.

Giving everyone in the group a voice and the space to speak is a crucial component of Neurosystemics Resiliency Circles. This enables individuals to share their perspectives, experiences, and insights, leading to more open communication and a deeper sense of community. By doing so, it can lead to greater diversity, equality, and inclusion in the performing arts culture, as everyone's voices are equally valued and respected.


Creative Flow

Daily voice, acting and embodiment masterclasses 

You meet with Helena daily for voice, body, character integration work and nervous system regulation work. The work is inspired by Fitzmaurice Voicework®, Organic Intelligence® and Neurosystemics™ and works from the principles of stability, support, pleasure and play. It is a journey into alignment of imagination body and breath, working with the fight / flight / freeze mechanisms that ignite in the actor’s nervous system when working with creative impulse. We will explore the subtle nuances in our rich vulnerability so that the experience of your character is more embodied and alive.



The actor has worked consistently in practice and process and now recognises their own and another actors' boundaries as an important part of trust, equality and skilled listening.  

Trust, acceptance and empathy have been established as the code of ethics within the way the actors communicate with each other.  

You will feel a great sense of liberation and freedom of expression and innovation and creativity is flourishing and boundless.

The Art of Acting
6-day Retreat

Move away from result and move into process.  

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In practice, we open space for stories to happen. 

Being in a story requires experiencing it, which is very different to analysing it.  For stories to emerge imbued with complexity, you need to offer your body the initial conditions of fostering trust and pleasure - so then you can risk and discover and surrender to the unknown.  Trusting your embodied imagination reveals the story to you - so you and the audience are constantly surprised.  We practice until it happens.